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The Select Objects Window

The Select Objects window enables you to quickly search for objects, hide/unhide and freeze/unfreeze objects in a list view. You can also browse through hidden or frozen objects without changing their state.


The Select Objects window displays only those objects that are on visible layers.

You can access the Select Objects window by using the EditMode toolbar or in the main menu, under View -> Select Object(s). Alternatively, the default keyboard shortcut is CTRL+T.

The interface consists of a table view, the Fast Select: text box at the bottom, and the options on the right.

The Table View

You can press the heading of the column to sort the dataset, based on the alphabetic order in this column.

Available Column



Displays the name of the object.


Shows the scene element type of the object (Brush, various Entity Types, Camera, Particle Effect, Light).


Displays the visible layer to which the object is assigned; objects on invisible layers will not be displayed.


Shows the path to the material assigned on top of the object's default material.

Smart Object

Depreciated, will be removed in future versions.

Below the Select Objects window is information about the amount objects listed in the current mode (visible, hidden, frozen) and how many of these are currently selected in the scene.

Fast Select

Use this text box to quickly filter objects by name. For example, enter "vil" to display all the objects starting with these three characters: village_hut, villain, villager.





Use this button to transfer selections from the Table to the Editor's object selection (not needed if Auto Select has been activated.)

Select All

Selects all the objects in the Table and transfers them to the Editor's object selection.

Select None

Resets the selection in the Table and the Editor's object selection.

Invert Selection

Inverts the selection in the Table and transfers it to the Editor's object selection.

List Types

Enables the display of certain object types, (Entities, Brushes, Prefabs); use these filters to display only the data that you need.

Display List

Changes the display between visible, hidden, and frozen objects.

Change Mode Buttons

Depending on the chosen mode in the Display List, you will find the Hide/Freeze, Unhide/Freeze, and Hide/Unfreeze buttons; they are used to transfer the status of an object to the other two (not currently selected) states.

Auto Select

Automatically updates the Editor's object selection to match the selection in the table.

Display as Tree

Indents child objects in Editor hierarchies.

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