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Welcome to CRYENGINE's documentation for developers!

This is the place to read about the engine's architecture and technical details. Here you can also find instructions and tutorials to build, debug and deploy your own game for multiple platforms and VR.

New developers should begin with Getting Started with Game Code.

Engine Code

Details on the architecture and implementation of the engine's main systems.

Game Code

How to make a new game project, configure GameRules, use Flowgraph and more.

Build System

Instructions and reference for compiling assets and code into a shippable game.


Explanation and usage guide for the auxiliary tools distributed with CRYENGINE.

Sandbox Programming

Begin to extend and develop interfaces for more integrations inside the Sandbox Editor.

Code Tutorials

A collection of engine, game and miscellaneous code tutorials.

API Reference

Reference of the engine's Programming Interface for C++, C# and Lua Script Bindings.

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