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Release Highlights

CRYENGINE 5.3.3 includes various fixes and marks the launch of a new C# Rolling Ball template. We’re also removing the Sydewinder project and making it available as a standalone download from CRYENGINE Marketplace.

The C# Rolling Ball template is a simple game which is ideal for people who are unfamiliar with using C# in CRYENGINE. This template demonstrates how you can use the Entity Component to modify the behavior of entities in your game, use physics to move entities around a level, and receive input from the player. It’s a great way to get up and running quickly with C# and CRYENGINE.

The Sydewinder tutorial is now available as a standalone download from the CRYENGINE Marketplace. Sydewinder focuses on programming-driven game development and presents an endless side-scrolling game with a high score counter. This tutorial guides you through all the necessary steps in order to get started from scratch using the CE# Framework, as well as direct interaction with CryEngine.Common.

Game Templates

  • New: Added RollingBall template to the C# game template selection.
  • Refactored: Removed the Sydewinder application - this will be maintained as a separate project and is available as a download from the CRYENGINE Marketplace.


Audio General

  • Fixed: Bug where the MS compiler auto-vectorizer produced illegal instructions in mpeg code.


Engine General

  • Fixed: Added ScaleformHelper to builds.
  • Fixed: Download of 5.3.1 SDKs package.
  • Fixed: Crash during Scaleform shutdown.


  • Fixed: Sydewinder doesn't close properly in Launcher.
  • Fixed: Encoding fixes for command line parsing.
  • Fixed: Crash reporter not producing crash dumps on Windows 7.


  • Fixed: ScaleformHelper usage by WAF (all configs) and CMake (release config).
  • Tweaked: Don't monolithically link MonoBridge into release configs, it's an optional feature.
  • Tweaked: Copy the right portaudio binaries (performance and release config).


  • Optimized: Don't copy unnecessary debug DLLs or PDBs to bin/win_x64.
  • Fixed: Compiler detection for VS2017. 

Action General

  • Fixed: The ability to load a second level after the first has been loaded.


  • Fixed: The Input class not registering mouse-movement.
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