Console Variable node allows to use and animate console variables in your Track View sequence. Console variables are useful commands that allow you to tweak many aspects of the engine and game code.

Example: In this shot, the console variable r_SonarVision is animated in Track View.

You can use and animate any available console variable by using this node in a Track View sequence.

Adding a Console Variable node

To add a Console Variable node:

  • Right-click the main node.
  • Select Add Console Variable Node.

A Dialog Box pops up where you can enter the Console Variable Name.

You can get all the list of Console Variables available by Right-clicking in the Console window in the Editor.

If you hover your cursor over a specific command, you also get a Tooltip that gives you the values the variable can use.

You can also find a specific console variable by doing a string search.

Animating Console Variables

Many console variables cannot have a spline animation curve as they strictly use specific values (only 0,1,2 or 3 and not float values).

In this case, it is ideal to use a Set In Tangent to Step for all the key frames in the Track View Curve Editor.

Example: The key frames for the console variable r_SonarVision curve are all set in tangent to step.



  示例:在本截图中,可以在“轨迹视图”中制作 r_SonarVision 控制台变量






在所弹出对话框中您可以输入 “控制台变量名称” 




制作控制台变量:许多控制台变量不可以使用样条动画曲线,因为其严格使用特定数值(仅 0、1、2 或 3 并且不可使用浮点值)。


  示例: 控制台变量 r_SonarVision 的关键帧曲线全部设置入切线至梯级。