Realistic game logic and AI behavior are essential to realistic and interactive gameplay. This topic includes tutorials on basic game logic, logical game area setup, and advanced AI behavior.

[Basic Game Logic]
Learn how to set up a basic game logic with spawn points, proximity triggers, and the Flow Graph.

[SDKDOC5:Setting up controls and Action Maps]
The Action Maps linked input controller to actions in the game code.

[Setting Up Mission Objectives]
Learn how to set up mission objectives by using the Crysis game as an example.

[Setting Up Equipment Packs]
This tutorial shows users how to set up equipment packs from within Sandbox.

[Game Tokens]
A Game Token is a script object or variable that is used for storing values. These tokens can be used for performing simple logic manipulations and checks within the game scripting language.

[Creating Mini Maps]
Use Sandbox and an image editor to create high resolution mini maps for in game use.