After completing this tutorial, you will be able to set up the following weather effects using the Sandbox Editor:


See Clouds for more information.


See Rain for more information.


Drag the particle effect entity to the level from the Particle tab of the DataBase View.

To add this particle effect, copy the name (Weather.snow.heavy_snow_sheets), and paste it into the particle slot. Adjust the count scale to get more snow flakes rendered.

To limit the effect to a certain area of the level, make a shape and use the pick tool of the shape to select the particle system that should be activated and deactivated if the player crosses the border of the shape.


See Render Entities for more information.


The global wind speed can be adjusted by entering numbers (values in meter/second) into the Environment settings wind vector field.

Vector Directions


Positive Y


Negative Y


Positive X


Negative X


You can also change the global wind values in game through normal triggers, for instance, if you want to modify the global wind when the player walked into a specific area, you can create an AreaBox and a Wind Entity.

The Wind Entity can be found in the Others folder in the Entity Rollup Bar.

Select the AreaBox and in Attached Entities attach the Wind Entity to it. You have to be in game mode and walk into the area to be able to see the effect take place.


See Fog for more information.


See Environment Entities for more information.


See Environment Entities for more information.


Use this guide for help with setting up the various types of weather effects supported in CryENGINE.