CryTIF is a Photoshop plugin (CS4 and higher) that can load and save Photoshop images as TIF files. After saving the TIF, the plugin invokes the RC which shows a user dialog box where you can set the compression, size & platform specific settings can be selected.

The settings that were chosen in the dialog are stored as meta data in the TIF file which is then used when the RC creates the .DDS file for in-engine use. For information about using the CryTIF plugin, please refer to the CryTIF Plugin article.

Automatic Install with CryToolsInstaller

We recommend using the CryToolsInstaller to install all DCC tool packages, including CryTif. If you need to manually install it, follow the instructions given below in the Manual Install section.

Manual Install

1. Copy the \Tools\photoshop\plugins\CryTIFPlugin*.8bi file to the Photoshop Plug-ins\File Formats folder, then restart Photoshop.

2. Open Photoshop and go to Help -> About Plugin -> CryTIFPlugin to set the path of the resource compiler (<root>\Bin64\rc\rc.exe) in the dialog box that is displayed.

3. Set it to the root directory of the CRYENGINE installation. Make sure that you use the complete path, in this case: D:\CRYENGINE.

Click the Use SettingsMgr.exe location button to point it towards its default location within the build directory.

4. After a successful installation, CryTIFPlugin (.TIF) should be available as a file format in the Photoshop File dialog:

5. Once installed and the CryTIF exporter is selected, you will be shown a screen like this to allow for some fine tuning:


安装 CryTIF 插件

CryTIF 是一个 Photoshop 插件(与 Photoshop 6 甚至更高版本兼容),可以加载并保存平坦的 Photoshop 图像作为 TIF 文件。保存好 TIF 之后,插件将调用向用户显示可在哪选择压缩设置的对话框的“资源编译器”。这些在对话框中选择的设置将作为元数据储存在 TIF 文件中。


关于使用 CryTIF 插件的信息,请参考使用 CryTif 文件。

您可以使用 Crytools 安装,将会自动配置如下设置,但是,如果由于某些原因您需要手动安装,请按以下说明操作。

手动安装 CryTIF 插件


1. First run SettingsMgr.exe to ensure that the build path is setup correctly. You can find this .exe in the \tools folder.

2. 一旦完成您就可以运行 CryPhotoshopInstaller.exe,它将会自动安装 Photoshop 插件和所需的二进制文件。



1. Copy the \Tools\photoshop\plugins\CryTIFPlugin*.8bi file to the Photoshop Plug-ins\File Formats folder, then restart Photoshop.

2. 打开 Photoshop 并进入 辅助-> 关于插件 -> CryTIF 插件,在显示的对话框中设置资源编译器的路径(rc.exe 在您的{{\Bin64\rc}}目录中)。

3. 将它设为 CryENGINE 安装的*根目录*。这种情况下确认您使用完整路径:J:\CryENGINE3

4. 成功安装后,CryTIF (.TIF) 应该可以作为 Photoshop 文件对话框的文件格式:

5. 一旦安装且选择了 CryTIF 导出器,将会向您显示如下屏幕,允许一些微调:


请注意,在 RC 用户对话框中修改 TIF 的元数据后,TIF 不会被重新加载。因此,如果之前没有重新加载文件就将其再次保存在 Photoshop 中,就需要再次指定设置。

若要运行 RC,CryTIF 插件需了解 RC 的所在路径。这可在 Photoshop 中 辅助 -> 关于插件 -> CryTIF 插件 下配置。如果无法找到可执行的 RC,将会自动打开配置对话框。