Throughout the CRYENGINE documentation articles, you may find references to "Pure Game Mode". This refers to running the game from the Launcher application, as opposed to running the game from within Sandbox.

When the game is shipped, players will use the Launcher and hence, the "pure game mode" to play. It can be found in both Bin32 and Bin64 directories, inside the main SDK folder.

By default, the file is called GameSDK.exe but you're able to rename this to whatever you like to suit your game.

You can also set the title of the Launcher window by using the following variable in the system.cfg file: sys_game_name=YOURTITLEHERE


When you run the Launcher you will be greeted with a screen that looks like the following:

This is the sample main menu shipped with the SDK which gives you a number of options to adjust. If you'd like to create your own custom menu, we leave it up to you, the developer, to create a menu for your game.

Loading a level

To load a level click on either Singleplayer or Multiplayer, depending on which game mode you wish to play.

Hosting/Joining Multiplayer

You can also Host or Join a multiplayer game via the Multiplayer menu.

Handy CVars


Information about the "Launcher" executable, which allows you to play CRYENGINE games in "pure" game mode, instead of in the Editor.