This records player input/camera movement and plays it back. Some player actions such as vehicle movement are not supported.

You need to start and record in game mode (Press Ctrl + G in the Editor after the level has been fully loaded, or load the level in Pure Game Mode.

After each playback you get a log printout that looks like the following (in the console and also in the file timedemo.log in the level directory for the level used):

TimeDemo Run 131 Finished.
Play Time: 3.96s, Average FPS: 50.48
Min FPS: 0.63 at frame 117, Max FPS: 69.84 at frame 189
Average Tri/Sec: 14037316, Tri/Frame: 278071
Recorded/Played Tris ratio: 0.99

Recording Controls



Console Commands

Start Recording

Ctrl + PrintScreen


End Recording

Ctrl + Break


Start Playback

Shift + PrintScreen


Stop Playback

Ctrl + Break


Related Console Variables

h2. Demo Recording (Using the Network System)
*Note:* This method is currently in an unknown state. It is not used for autotest and benchmarking.

The demo recorder serializes all game events like a network server and writes them to a specified output file.

h3. Start Recording

To start recording load a map as usual but add "r" or "record" followed by the output file name in the command line.

{noformat} map levelname r output.rec {noformat}

All in game actions and events, including your own player character, are recorded. The recorder will eventually work in singleplayer and multiplayer game modes.

To stop recording, quit the game.

h3. Playback

To play a recorded file, use the "play" command followed by the file name.

{noformat} play output.rec {noformat}