Pic: Answerhub Main Page


Since the launch of CRYENGINE V the Support Team and CRYENGINE have used Answerhub as a connection point to issues within the developer community. Not only does Answerhub provide the ability to report issues but it also allows for feedback suggestions to be submitted to its Ideas space. Promoting future integrations directly requested from the community.


Pic: Github CRYENGINE repo


With CRYENGINE V the world has been given the ability to have access to the engine code that drives the renderer and underlying systems. Since May 2016 the full engine source code has sat on Github to be forked by developers. With the release of Github Issues we the CRYENGINE team also actively monitor the Issues developers post online.


Pic: Revolution Art Sword


The marketplace is a vehicle to help developers in the CRYENGINE community share their talents and earn a living from their passion. This section allows for information and setups of vendor accounts and purchasing on the store as a customer.


Pic: UAS Event Snippet

User Analytics

For years now we have heard from developers the need to focus on certain systems or fix certain tools that happen to be bugged. To help combat this overall value we have employed tools such as the CrashHandler for reporting crashes. On the other side we have also been able to know when certain tools are highly used compared to others. Showing us the highest priority usage and then most problematic areas.