1186944 - 1189509
+ 1189723, 1189809, 1189810 + ACB stuff

Released 31st October, 2014

Remember to delete 'loose' SDK content if you've extracted pak files into your build! Otherwise that old loose content will override the new content inside the pak files.

See: Directory Structure - PakFiles and CryPak - Layering

An issue with texture streaming on objects with custom materials (manually assigned materials to objects) is present in 3.6.10. A workaround is to disable texture streaming via r_TexturesStreaming=0 in your system.cfg.





There was an update for Area Lights for 3.6.10 to bring them up to PBS compatibility. To use AreaLights, please use the r_DeferredShadingAreaLights 1 CVar. This is still WIP so please let us know any bugs you may find!