Release Highlights

CRYENGINE 5.1.1 brings fixes and improvements to the way users navigate the Sandbox Editor. With this release expect more efficient menus, smoother camera movement and much more!

Editor Console Help Menu: Users will now see a "Help" menu in the Console plug-in with "Console Variables" and "Console Commands" menu items.

More Camera Movement Options in the Sandbox Editor: More camera movement options have been added in Editor mode. These are located with the other options (standard UI toggles) in the Camera drop-down menu above the main Viewport.

Terrain Editor Cleanup: Improvements to Terrain Tool usability. "View" has been removed from the Tools Menu - the top down view wasn’t working as expected. In the future this will be configured to work as a standard "Top" view. The “Copy” and “Move” buttons have been fixed and the UI has been changed - there is now a checkbox "Move objects" - this does exactly what you’d expect and an “Undo” operation has also been implemented.

Optimized Viewport Resolution Control: Previously, Viewports with custom resolutions could only have their contents stretched to the edges of the window to preserve aspect ratio. Now when setting a custom resolution for a Viewport widget some new options are available that allow users to position the contents of the game in the Viewport, but without stretching. 


Editor General


Renderer General


Engine General


Fixed: Relative path overrides

3D Engine




Action General


Audio General

DRS (Dynamic Response System)

AI System