This list covers the available information that can be accessed via Statoscope by enabling the appropriate data groups.

They are Case Sensitive so make sure to add the correct group.

Make sure you've read how to add data groups: Logging Data in Statoscope.

Lower case

streaming audio 'a'

dev buffer 'b'

per-cgf gpu profilers 'c'

network profile 'd'

ef_lists 'e'

frame lengths 'f'

graphics 'g'

SPU Profilers 'h'

GPU Times 'i'

CPU Times 'j'

callstacks 'k'

location 'l'

memory 'm'

network 'n'

streaming objects 'o'

particles 'p'

performance counters 'q'

frame profilers 'r'

streaming 's'

threading 't'

user markers 'u'

Vertex data 'v'

PhysEntities 'w'

streaming textures 'x'

ParticlesColliding 'y'

channel 'z'

Upper case

art profile 'A'

Texture Information 'S'

system threading 'T'

Individual Worker Information 'W'

Summarizes Worker Information 'X'

Individual Job Information 'Y'

Summarized Job Information 'Z'


Lower case

streaming objects 'o'

streaming 's'

streaming textures 't'